Thorsen is a 3rd generation boutique custom builder with a passion for constructing meaningful architecture. Since 1976, Thorsen has been consistently asked to collaborate on the region’s foremost residential projects. In each instance, Thorsen works closely with the design and ownership teams to create one-of-a-kind, truly bespoke homes.

Our firm is comprised of a seasoned management team and a group of highly skilled “in-house” craftsmen. The ability to have a portion of our work performed by Thorsen employees results in greater efficiency and project control in 3 key areas: 1) Quality control 2) Cost control 3) Timeline control. This “in-house” approach coupled with our 40+ years of building experience is one of the reasons why Thorsen was recently voted Custom Builder of the Year.

Our Story

In May of 1976 Bob Thorsen and his father, Jim, founded Thorsen while building homes in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It was during these early years that Bob quickly developed a love for building custom homes.

As the US economy lagged from the 1970’s recession, Bob knew the company had to make a change and decided to relocate the business to Alexandria in 1978. It was soon after relocating to Alexandria that Bob would discover his right-hand man and current Senior Vice President, Jim Davis. Over the next 25 years Thorsen developed a reputation for their commitment to quality and integrity. It was during this same period that Bob would have his sons working in the field over their spring and summer breaks. As the business grew so did the idea of 3rd generation Thorsen.

Between 2006 and 2010, Bob’s sons and daughter would join the family business in full-time roles. Between fostering relationships and becoming complete experts at their craft, the family business soon became one of the most referred custom builders in the region. Thorsen has since expanded operations to South Florida where they bring with them five decades of experience in building architecturally significant homes.


Bob Thorsen


Jim Davis

Senior Vice President

John Thorsen

Executive Vice President

James Thorsen

Vice President of Construction

Mike Scherer

Project Manager

Meredith Watkins

Senior Project Coordinator

Bob Osman

Project Manager

Ann Hunter Tankersley

Project Coordinator